‘Listening to lifE’

Yoga at 345AC is lead by Srimathumitha (Sri), a professional singer and Yoga Instructor from India. Sri holds a Masters degree in Yoga and is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. 

'Listening to Life' Yoga is practised within a modern Art Gallery setting, providing a warm welcome for learning within a peaceful, light filled studio space.  

Combining her knowledge and experience of 15 years of classical music soundscapes, ancient Sanskrit mantras and her deep understanding of Yoga, Sri welcomes her practice suitable for all levels.

See below for timetable and pricing


Our yoga classes are perfect for both beginner and advanced students, and offer a balance for the physical and mental stresses of our modern day lives.


UNPLUG Unplug yourself from the stresses of the day and engage with your body, mind and soul. Stretch those stiff muscles, simmer in calming music carefully curated from ancient soundscapes  and let yourself go with this yoga session . End your practice with deep relaxation. Recommended for a well deserved good night's sleep

RISE & SHINE  Slow flow yoga with Sun Salutation to Mantras interspersed with Yin poses, bursts of Pranayama and ending with energising group chant.

VINYASA FLOW Wind down with Thursday night’s yoga session! Align your breath and movement with this practice. Rejuvenate and stretch out those muscles with Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the spells of Pranayama and meditation thrown in.

PRANA FLOW YOGA Start your Saturday with a combination of Vinyasa flow, Meditation, Pranayama breathing, group chant of ancient energised hymns and Yin relaxation with carefully curated soulful music of ancient and inner sounds.



one month UNLIMITED YOGA $50


10 class PASS $99

We Allow Walk-ins. No booking required. If you have booked and are unable to attend, please make sure to cancel your class at least 1hr before the start time to make room for someone else to enjoy their practice.

Yoga mats and blocks are provided as complimentary, however please feel free to bring your own if you wish.